The Crosbyton saga would not be complete without the story of Mr. and Mrs.Smith and their famous Smith House.
The Smith House was built in 1921 by Dave Weller for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 

The structure was originally built as a boarding house. Later, two wings were constructed and attached to the east and west sides of the original building. It was said that the Smith's were the managers, bellboys,room clerks, cashier, clerks and waiters---all at the same time.
The Smith House was known as the ideal home for the traveling salesman and through the years  it was the scene for many social activities.

Minnie or Mrs. J . Frank, as she was affectionately known, was the very first woman resident in Crosbyton and lived there until she passed way, she was 84 years old. 
For many years, the Inn was the cultural and entertainment center for the surrounding community. Some of the early history of the South Plains evolved on it's premises. The Smith House has always stood as a monument of it's rich and colorful heritage.

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